In Living Color  Protocols in Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

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In Living Color
Protocols in Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
Rochelle Diamond and Susan DeMaggio, Editors

ABOUT THE EDITORS: Rochelle Diamond

Rochelle Diamond is a Member of the Professional Staff at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Since 1984 she has been the applications specialist/lab manager of Caltech's Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Facility, servicing biology, chemistry, and chemical engineering divisions, as well as outside institutions. Rochelle has also been a researcher/manager for Caltech Professor Ellen Rothenberg's developmental immunology group since 1982. Rochelle's primary research focus since coming to Caltech has been on early murine T-cell differentiation. Using flow cytometry and cell sorting to investigate developmental states and lineages in these T-cell populations, she has authored over 15 publications in the area. Prior to her arrival at Caltech, Rochelle was a researcher at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, City of Hope Research Institute, and UCLA. Instrumentation, molecular biology, and protein chemistry have been no strangers to Rochelle as she has owned and operated a prototype scientific instrumentation company and helped to build and operate protein sequenators for the City of Hope Research Institute. She was a member of the City of Hope/Genentech research team that cloned the human gene for insulin in 1978. Living in Pasadena with her life partner and geriatric cat, Rochelle is currently chair of the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals.

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